Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wear it Wednesday - Curves

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I have a dirty little secret... I have curves. Gasp!!! I know, scandalous, right?! At least it's scandalous to most clothing stores... Unless you are curvy (a.k.a. pack a few extra pounds) you have probably never noticed that most stores don't carry larger sized clothes. You either have to go to a specialty store or order online. Why do they assume you wouldn't like the option to try on clothes like any other woman? I really wish I had the talent to become a fashion designer. I would design clothes just like everyone else's just made a bit larger. Curvy people don't need to wear tents, we don't want the backside of our pants to droop like a soggy diaper. We aren't all tall!

The clothes that look best on us skim the curves and drape nicely. They are slightly fitted without squishing us and creating bulges.  OK, enough of my soapbox. I'm highlighting a few outfits and pieces today that I think are done right. I'm going to try to give examples of just slightly plus size on up to the very curvy. I want everyone to know that there are clothes out there that can enhance your shape and figure. Whatever size you are, you are BEAUTIFUL.

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