Friday, March 29, 2013

Sunrise to Sunset

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Sunrises and sunsets are two of my favorite things in life. If you were to look through samples of my photography, especially early on, you would see a large portion devoted to both. There is something magical about the way the sky fills with color and everything starts to glow.

I have a perfect view for sunrises. My balcony overlooks a golf course surrounded by huge old oak trees and lakes. When the sun starts to rise you see the oaks, dripping with moss, silhouetted against the sky. And then you see the surface of the lake catch fire with the pinks, and corals, and purples. If you happen to look at just the right time you may see an egret or a flock of Canadian Geese flying across the sky. It just takes your breath away.

I can't see the sunsets from my house so that means I have to take my sunset walks. I love to walk down by the pond around twilight. There are more mossy oaks, a field of flowers, and always some geese or ducks in the water. And again, you have the oaks silhouetted against the sky, and the reflection of all that color in the water. In the summer you have the added bonus of fireflies.

And then there are the sunsets when I visit my family back home. This is where my sunsets walks originated. We live out in the country and just down a little side road there is a pasture with rolling green hills and cows. It's a wide-open space that allows you to see the entire sky at sunset.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Cheryl! I love seeing your images.

    1. Thank you! I'm loving your blog too. Can't wait to get together.


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