Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Finds

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I'm looking forward to a long weekend of nothing after traveling out of town the last few weekends. My big plan is a movie marathon, some pool time, and maybe some creating/DIY time since I have found several new projects I love recently. Honestly, I doubt I will ever get to the DIY time! But here are a couple of my ideas anyway.

This project is so simple! You just wrap a coffee can (or any container) with rope. This is perfect for my bathroom since it has a beachy feel. But really it would work anywhere depending on what you wrapped it with. I have a lot of "stuff" but I hate clutter. This would definitely help with that.

I have two wooden barstools that my sister and I have traded back and forth since we lived together in college. They currently have the Seminole head FSU symbol on them and don't match my house at all. Until I saw this, it had never occurred to me to paint them to match my decor. Now I'm dying to give it a try!

I have a canvas painting hanging by my front door that I've had forever. I would love to do something colorful and cheery like this to it to brighten up my entryway.

I don't have the the materials to make this yet but I really like this idea. I was thinking instead of a full monogram, just finding a medium-sized vinyl sticker that says Believe or Hope and placing it along the top or bottom of the mirror. That way the majority of the mirror is still open.

If I can find it in myself to get off of the couch and be productive I will show you the results of one of these projects next week. If not, there is always the next weekend!


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