Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flip-flop Wreath

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My sister, the craft-goddess, is really talented. She is a mom of two super-awesome girls (I'm not the least bit prejudiced!!) and a teacher, so her creative juices are constantly flowing. Last weekend she made some wreaths out of flip-flops, silk flowers, and a large wooden letter. Of course, when I saw them I went crazy over them and knew I had to share what she had done.

Here is the one she made for her house:

Such a fun, fresh concept. Can't you just smell chicken on the grill and freshly mown grass?

Here is one she made for her friend:

I also love this one... Despite the fact that it is Gator colors. I'm pretty sure she mentioned something about it burning her fingers as she made it. We won't hold it against her friend though. This just goes to show my sister can make anything beautiful!!

Here is the last one. A slightly different take than the others:

Below is a list of supplies for making a  flip-flop wreath for yourself.

The basic materials include a wreath base, flip-flops (she got all of hers at Dollar Tree), silk flowers, rhinestones, glitter, wooden letters, and hot glue. From there it is completely up to your imagination! There are so many different ways you could arrange and decorate this wreath. So get your creative juices flowing and make one for yourself or a friend (or a SUPER-AWESOME sister!!)

*** Has anyone noticed how many times I used super in this post??? Super-crazy...***


  1. How did you attach the flip flops to the wreath base? Hot glue or something else? Also, what type of wreath base did you use?

    1. My sister used a grapevine wreath. I used a rafia wreath because I thought it fit the theme. But any solid form wreath would work. In fact, I wouldn't recommend the rafia because it was so messy. The wreath does show through the decoration so if you used styrofoam you could wrap the form with ribbon first to make it look a little nicer.

      My sister and I both used hot glue. You could also use an all-purpose adhesive like E6000. You will just have to allow for drying time.


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