Monday, April 15, 2013

My dream wardrobe for Spring

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My job requires business professional dress except for late spring and summer. This means that the majority of the year I am dressed like this:

or this:

I'm not complaining (much), but once spring rolls around all I want to wear are sundresses, maxis, and sandals. So I have compiled my dream spring/summer wardrobe.

I love the ease and simplicity of swingy sundresses. There is no decision about what pieces should go with what. You just throw it on with a pair of sandals and you're set.

And maxi dresses are the ultimate comfort for me. When I put this on it won't matter that it's the middle of summer and my legs are still ghostly white. I'm a redhead that doesn't tan, I have embraced my paleness!! (Well, mostly.) Plus, in my mind at least, it gives me the illusion of being taller. But that's probably because you can't see the 4 inch wedge sandals I have on underneath.

And let's not forget shoes! Have I mentioned I love shoes?

Check out these beauties. Comfy wedges, pink, strappy... What more could a girl want in life?

And for the more casual days when I just don't feel like heels of any kind, these are perfection:


Really when I think about it, it's all about balance. I love spring/summer dresses and sandals. But at the first hint of Fall, I am ready for tights, skirts, sweaters, and heels again. 

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