Thursday, April 4, 2013

I got nothin' but a song in my heart

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I have been trying for two days to come up with something interesting (in my opinion, at least) to write about. Nothing... Blog block, big time. So, I figured I'd share a couple photos I took over the weekend. Altogether I think I ended up taking over 300. I'm a little obsessed, I admit it.

Remember those sunset walks I talked about? Well this is why I love them:

I went with my dad and the hound, Bax. I was kind of disappointed with the sunset until I decided to hunker down on the ground and shoot it from this point of view. I love these photos, they make my heart sing.

They made Bax's heart sing too... Wait, no, he was trying to catch the cows!! Good times!!/PointOfViewCreations

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